Amba Boys dem don drop head for some mbere kaki Black cap weh ei be di work for Bamenda for Miss Ngeng Junction.


The padi man ei name na Nwana Paul weh contri people dem for dat side for Mile 4 be di ever callam na Papa. According to tory, dis mbere na contri man for dat side for Balikumbat for inside Mezam Division.

Pipol weh see de arrangement say na two Amba Boys dem ontop motorcircle weh drop the head before pum for quater. For 3 years daso, Amba Boys dem don di kill ngomnang landboys dem for this end.


Any time wey dem killam, International Community di ever tok aginst de killing but dem no di ever do any thing for stop the boys dem



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A member of the Cameroon Defense Force has been killed by separatist fighters in the North Western town of Ndop,  some 37 kilometers  from the head quater Bamenda.

Since the escalation of violence in the principally two English speaking regions of Cameroon, members of the security forces have constantly been targeted by elements of the secessionist movement called Ambazonia.

On Thursday October 17, a patrol team of the military was ambushed in Bamessing and a soldier was killed.

Published in defense